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Today many companies use Facebook to promote their business. Internet Marketing today requires more than just a website. It requires extensive use of Web 2.0. It requires interaction between the people operating and using the the Internet.

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Pages And Groups Are Easy To Set Up

Facebook pages are easy to set up. The hardest part of getting your business on Facebook is developing a strategy for using it. Businesses set up regular pages, “Group” pages, or both. They may use one to answer customer questions about products they have bought. They may use another to interact with potential clientele by asking them what goods and services they are looking for.

Facebook Assets Need To Be Managed

Facebook is a two way communication tool. If your pages are working like they should then people are going to respond to your content. You need to monitor those responses and take any action that may be necessary. Responses could lead to a wide range of benefits from the acquisition of a new customer to the enhancement of one of your products.

Promote With Your Website

Businesses need to set up websites to connect to their Facebook and other social media. You can design your own website, or find a small website designer to set up your website, and link to your Facebook to generate traffic. When someone goes to your website invite them to visit your Facebook page and mention that they can participate there.

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